Friday, January 13, 2017

Day after...

Luckily it was in the 40's yesterday, during a break in the rain and after hauling things up from basement (I'll get to that part). I went out and dug several small trenches in the paddock. I'd much rather flood the backyard than have the boys falling all over on ice. The temps were to drop to the 20's overnight so, I had to do something. 
Between Hubbies French drains and my trenching this is what I woke up too!!!  I was so happy. 
Still some water but, under the ice it was moving. I extended my trenches to move more out. A small area in front of the gate to the field held the most water still. Hopefully it'll drain by tonight. I also ran out to TSC and picked up 50 lbs of crushed oyster. It's something you put down for chickens and I found a few years back it helps with traction on ice. I'm prepared now, hopefully I won't need it now. Kind of like if you have your umbrella it won't rain lol. 
Back to the basement: I'd thought midday yesterday to turn on the exhaust fan so we wouldn't have the putrid smell we get with heavy rains. Standing at the top of the stairs looking down, I see a puddle!  Yes a puddle in the basement!  
We have 2 sump pumps, between the snow melt and rain they couldn't keep up. Of course Hubs is at work but, at least I didn't have the boys as I normally would. I hustled to get things not in Rubbermaid containers up to the laundry room, thankfully only a few old text books were ruined. The indoor/outdoor carpet is questionable, I used the shop vac most of the day till my wrists were killing me. t this point I'm thinking toss the d*#^ carpet lol. Could've been so much worse though once the rain stopped the sumps were able to do their job so the basement flood was basically a basement puddle. 
Hubby is home tomorrow so we'll figure it out. 


  1. I have learned to trench too- it really works!

    1. Sure does, had to do it even more often at our old place. A woman & her shovel can accomplish so much lol