Thursday, January 5, 2017

Weather πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

It's been pretty cold, real feel 3 degrees, lots of snow.  Only 3 inches here at home but, Hubby, Chris & Sam all drive via the snow belt areas from work. Meaning all one hour drives became 2+ hour drives. But, they all made it safely which is what counts. 
Because the Grandsons were with me, I didn't get out to the barn till late. Right around the time that the boyz expect to be "tucked in" for the night. Being they were behaving like toddlers. 
Please feeeeed me. I'm starving, honest I am. Never mind that they'd nearly emptied their hay nets. 
 I tossed the mess towards the back of the stall, added bedding, got their feed and in they went. Refilled their nets for morning, went in & soaked in the tub. 

Lucky for me that the Grandsons have Theo to keep them busy and visa versa...
The inside boys have fun no matter the weather...
Theo would play fetch all day...
And when Lincoln needs a break, he's got apprentice Jefferson in training. 

Oh, and Lincoln has decided his friend Sonic needs potty trained...
He's assuring Sonic, "I'm here if you need me!" 
Blue Poo!  Who knew πŸ˜‚. Yup, just another day with little Mr. Imagination. 


  1. Brrr that is cold. I hate it when it when it's like that.

    1. I was disappointed today at -1 the urine still wasn't frozen! So much lighter when iced lol

  2. Oh boy! Potty training and cold weather. Yay.

    1. At least it's only stuffed animal potty training. Today he brought 4 from home & handled all their pot tying on his own. Toilet flushed a lot!