Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Rain & rolling...

 It's gone from negative temps to the 50's, snow to freezing rain, to rain. The boyz were enjoying the now lack of snow and warmer temps despite the rain most of the day. 
Ahhhhhhh, fresh bedding feels so good...

He looks like a freshly breaded pork chop...

A good satisfying shake off!  Didn't work very well, he was still quite covered in bedding. 


  1. Nice of you to give them bedding, mine have just the rubber mats and the earth.

    I noticed a little pinto pony being saddled today by a kid and that the name on his grooming box said Flecki. I was disappointed in such a lack of creativity. So that horse's name is "Spot" cuz he's spotted. : )

    1. I'm lucky that I have access to bedding at a good price, so am liberal with it. Ugh, I so dislike blah names! Pippin got to keep his name, Merlin came as Scooby. Threw out a few different names, Merlin stuck.