Sunday, January 22, 2017

Such different reactions...

After having seen a FB video of a horse having a blast with his rubber chicken toy. I of course thought why not!  Came across a cheap dog toy duck while out today. Figured if the boyz were blah about it, cattle dog Theo would love it. So a win win.
First introduced it to Merlin...
His reaction, "WTF, is that?"  In a voice filled with worry. 

Next up Pippin...
Add surfer dude voice here, "Wow mon, what's this?"  
Their differences didn't surprise me in the least. Pippin is game for anything, much like Lincoln. Merlin is more cautious regarding things out of the ordinary. He favors normalcy, poor Merlin. 
I'd toss it about, Pippin would need to follow and investigate, smelling, pawing, nibbling. After all, it could become edible right?  He never picked it up off the ground but, I can perhaps build on his curiosity. Perhaps if he realizes it could be just another tool to torment Merlin with?
Sorry, no pix of Merlin investigating on the ground, dropped it near him and he was "I'm outta here!"  So, some duck disensitizing in Merlins future. 
On a serious note, I joined and attended my first Carriage Driving Association meeting today. I'll be going to check out a training facility later in the week. Lessons hopefully to come soon 👍🏻


  1. I know exactly what video you are talking about. I immediately wanted to go out and buy a rubber squeaky chicken for my boys too. Then I reminded myself that they'd get out of control and shred it in ten-seconds flat. Today I threw a shoe at Rock to get him to stop banging the gate, nailed him in the neck, and he didn't even flinch. He just looked down at the shoe and said, "New toy?"

    1. Hmmmm, Pippin may be Rocks "very" little brother lol