Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hay Chix review

Disclaimer, I'm not being paid for this review. In fact Hay Chix is unaware I'm even blogging about their products here.  I just feel if you come across something that works, frees up your time & benefits your horses, you should share the experience. 
I'll be leaving the Hubs in charge of the fourleggers next week while I head to NC to visit my Daughter & her family 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Hubs hasn't had to horse sit in several years & never in winter months. Meaning he's never wrestled with hay nets, that & he's clueless in tying proper knots. With the boyz, if it isn't tied properly as in out of their reach, the slow feed part becomes a free, all you can eat buffet. They simply untie and go to town. Don't ask how I know this. 
So to simplify things for Hubs, I ordered two of Hay Chix Free-Up Feeders...

Hubs got them mounted easily, great instructions & they have video on their site you can watch first.  I can take closer pix if anyone wants or you can go to the Hay Chix website. 
All I have to do its pull up the pin at the top, pull down front piece, dump hay in, close, push pin down & WALLA hay net done!!!  Seriously, why did I wait so long to get these?  I've wasted so much time for to many years wresting hay nets!
 I mean I've gotten pretty good at it, placing in clean muck bucket, folding sides over, filling, basically crocheting a long string of knots, takes about 5 minutes per bag except when your fingers are numb and the rope stiff from cold, then it's 10 minutes per bag. 
With these free-up feeders, it takes all of one minute if that & none of the wrestling!
Pippin: "Hay, this doesn't smell like my bag!  Never mind, it's food."

Merlin: "Hay, these holes shrunk!"

The boys came in, the noticed first off the nets didn't smell like their nets lol. Some snorkeling ensued, Pippin dug right in pretty quickly, he was a net pro from the get go. Merlin didn't like the holes being a tad smaller, he pawed a bit, just as he did when I first introduced him to nets in the fall. I pulled some hay thru & he settled right in. 
We might've hung them a tad higher but, that would've  meant Hubs adding a board to the stall wall, this would've meant the boyz wouldn't be able to even peak out when stalled. The areas I hang them are in the run in area,  out of the wind & keep their butts separated enough that kicking out doesn't ensue.  Neither are shod, the holes are 1 1/4 inches, so I doubt even their briny feet can get in a hole. 
Replacement string is also included in case of tearing, very sturdy, well made & you can special order hole sizes. These are Slow Feed size at 1 1/4". I have used their products before. Some readers may recall when our old neighbor would barnsit Camryn, I ordered Hay Chix Cinch Net for small bales it held an entire two string bale and was very easy to load, it simplified things for the neighbors as they only had to go over once a day to water and hard feed rather than filling the normal net thrice daily. Even with Camryn the full net lasted 72 hours, hers was the Slow Feed Extreme with 1" holes.   As the boyz can argue over food, I don't use it any longer. Anyone want to buy it? 😉


  1. I've been looking at those wondering if they work. Thanks for this post.

    1. They do, watch the video before "trying" to attach net to hoop. I struggled with that at first. Once I watched video, I was "duh" got net on in seconds. If they aren't used to slow feeds, put a little hay under the net to munch while they figure it out.