Friday, March 10, 2017

Yup, it's March...

After balmy days, windy days, rainy days...
It's a snowy day, this Robin is like WTF!

Theo on the other hand is...
Just throw the ball would ya...

Such a handsome dog. While he has your typical ACD OCD behaviors...

Despite his cattledoggieness, Theo is the best kids dog ever. They wear one another out playing ball, he's even got little Jefferson trained in the ways of fetch. Lincoln insists Theo naps with him. After all no monsters can lurk under the bed with Theo there. At home it's his Pitbull Emily that assumes the "no monsters allowed" role!
Love my boys...


  1. Yes it's March! Similar weather here. Keeping a puppy amused inside is a bit tough

    1. Toddlers as well. Especially seeing the wind swing the swings without them.

  2. Love your post. The boys are cute as can be and cattle dogs are, too!
    Happy March!

    1. Thanx, love those Grandbabies so much, you know what I'm talking about. Theo the cattledog while very OCD is an awesome dog.