Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oddly enough it's true...

Yesterday while speaking to my SIL on the phone (she's unaware of my blog, basically she's typically just unaware) she mentioned one of her goals. Her goal is to "RIDE" one of my "BABY" horses!!!  
When I found this FB post I nearly pee'd myself laughing...

Yes, she's not the brightest of bulbs in the pack, even after I'd explained that they aren't babies, nor will any adult be riding them. She repeated her goal again. Jeez, my head hurts people. 
I do have to mention in her defense that my non horsey DIL, along with Hubs have apparently thought ponies are baby horses as well. My Hubs disclosed this even after my having a horse for 10 years. AND he's got multiple college degrees to boot!  At least when DIL & Hubs were informed correctly, they got it. SIL, yeah not so much!
Are Chihuahua's Great Dane puppies?


  1. I feel your pain.

    Just wanted to add that in Germany, there is a grammatically correct term for horses that are small but not ponies (cuz apparently Germans know horses as well as Americans know dogs).


    I cannot count how many times people have called my horses Pferdchen.

    It means "Little cute horse."

    I am assured my Arabians never knew how condescending those people were who pointed at them with that comment.

    If your horse is not a pony and not a warmblood, it's a "little cute horse." Using the diminutive suffix for tiny/cute/lovable. I ask myself, do they say the same for the hundreds of Icelandic horses in our state? Probably.

    And the worst is, when a 5 year old kid looks up at my horse and says, "PFERDCHEN!"

    Hey, my horse is looking down on you! Watch it kid.

    1. LOL yup just don't get people sometimes. Nix that, most of the time.

  2. Huh. I never thought about some people thinking Mini's are babies that will become full-sized horses. When my husband first found Stewie, I thought he was an adult Chihuahua, and a vet had to tell me he was a puppy. So, I do the opposite.

    1. I think those of us born with horses in our blood took time to figure it out early.

  3. Ha. could you borrow a large dark draft horse and tell her that it's Melin? ;-)

    1. I probably could. I know it's mean but, the woman is dumber than a box of rocks.