Wednesday, March 22, 2017

lesson #4...

Today was best lesson so far, trainer agreed, lots of high fives after! Started out with me harnessing up on my own, a quick check, then off to the arena. 
The first 15 minutes or so were our normal, trainer with lead rope walking alongside. I was feeling really good & in sync with my pony.  Trainer only speakers when instruction is needed, lots of silence thruout today. 
 I'd just had the thought, "I wonder when she'll allow us to go on our own", when trainer turned and unclipped the lead!  I was "really", she replied "your ready!"  And off we went, I'm not sure why today felt so good, I was remembering how to check her speed, not allow her to set the pace, go deep into corners...  I did run over one cone LOL. Turned into a backing lesson, oops!  
Several times I thought, how odd to not be riding but, have that feeling of being connected!
We practiced a lot of stopping & standing, you all know how important a good whoa is. I even got a pic, her ears are back listening to me even!

Meet Suzy!  We're practicing just chilling while another student is hitching up for their lesson. Lines relaxed a long her sides puts her in neutral.  A big deal here as Suzy had to calmly stand, while her arch enemy Inca was lead beside and behind us. She thought several times of moving towards Inca but, with gentle reminders, she stayed put eventually cocking her hip just totally relaxed.  These two mares hate one another. 
As we moved off again, she was totally tuned in. We just drove around for quite a while after our hour, while Inca & he student worked. I'm only doing every other week as lessons are really quite $$. 
Hubs did great taking care of the boys in my absence, lovely visit with daughter & her family. While the weather sucked during my visit, it really didn't matter. Perhaps even added to the visit as we all just spent time together.  
I'd saved Jillians fave baby doll from her toddler days and took her along...
All snuggled in together ❤️


  1. I can't wait to see you driving your boys!

    1. Hoping to start line driving them in a few weeks. Fingers crossed on weather for that.

  2. I seem to have different colored lines each week!