Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yup, springs coming...

Days are getting longer, horse hair galore, sure hope the birds get in on the flying fur, springs a coming...
Just one sweep of the shedding blade across Merlins bum!  Had faded black fur flying every where. Merlin was loving it, especially the underside of his neck and chest. Pippin even stood nearby without interfering!  
After Merlin it was Pippins turn, he had other ideas. He'd push his head into me, then try to shoulder me over as if I were another horse to be pushed about. He wasn't haltered so while I could easily stop him, that was the best I could do. He wasn't being mean, it felt like a testing game, similar to what Lincoln might do to see what I'd allow. So, off I went, grabbed a halter and long line, then back out. Haltered him and began grooming, he started the pushing at me again which I expected, I simply took the end of the rope and sent him out. He was not happy about the new game plan at all, poor baby. I kept in mind he's only 4ish, going to be 5 sometime this year, ground manners training sorely lacking. As sent him around me I was prepared for his attempt to pull away, foiled that several times. Once he literally laid down and rolled, not sure what that was about, felt like a tantrum!   I just spun the end of the rope a bit & he popped back up with another bolt attempt. After mad trotting in both directions, it finally dawned on him id never asked him to run, rolling hadn't done the trick, bolting wasn't working out as he'd hoped, he quieted down to a walk. He'd trot a bit when asked to change direction but, quieted pretty quickly each time. Once he was with me, we simply walked a bit, I brushed him a few strokes, gave him a treat and called it a success & left him to think. I never put to much pressure on him, starting small, only upping the ante if needed.  Rather like Lincoln, he's got to test me to find out what the answers are. Good thing he's cute. 
Spent most of the day at tack sale down the road, they'd advertised only on FB, hadn't even put a sign out front!  Soooo, while there were some customers, it was low volume. Had fun visiting with my friends (3 of us shared space) & making new friends. Most of the sales everyone had were from others there selling!  I did net a little over $100.00 selling odds & ends mostly.  Spent $20.00, found a saddle cover and a lead rope that matched Merlins royal blue saddle, rethinking red for him having forgotten his saddle color. And picked up a wee furry rocking horse for little Jefferson. I teared up a bit when a guy bought my halter/bridle combo. I'd had it since my first horse 10 years ago, the leather was broken in so nicely, it was old but, loved.  The guy could tell I was having a hard time with it, the fact that it was going on another Haflinger helped a lot though. 
The B.O., knew I was the Mini lady down the road and attempted to send me home with two more LOL. I still only have my boyz!

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