Saturday, October 15, 2011

B stands for...

Camryn here:
B stands for B-O-R-E-D.  I am so bored with Mom being on the injured list.  No riding, no groundwork either, her can't even lift my feet to clean my hooves!!  Mmmmm reading this I don't understand why I'm complaing, those are good things!!! 
I'm still getting to eat lots and no slow feed net cause Mom can't fill it, Mom still manages to clean my bedroom and make sure I always have water.  Her's attempts to brush me left handed, doesn't do very well but, her tries.  Still, I miss Mom, and I know Mom misses me too.  Her tells me and hugs me when ever her comes down wif food.  I gracefully accept her hugs and try to mumble "love you toos", only my mouth is always full of hay so it comes out "nom, nom, nom.  I think her understands though.
It's been three weeks today since the mmmmm "incident".  Mom is doing so much better, still walks like a little old lady when the pain killers are wearing off though.  Her has to be careful of her movements, one off movement and her is all "OWWWW" and clutching her side.  Mom is actually more bored than me, the couch has become her Best Friend she just hopes it's not Forever!!!  Still sleeping on da couch cause her can't lay flat out, and trying to get out of bed takes to long, to long if it's for potty anyway hee hee!!!  She's been reading all her Mark Rashid horse books, like she hasn't already read them all three times each. A horsey catalog came today showing a photo of a bucking horse on the cover, Mom showed it to Dad and said "picture this with me flying off".  Her still has her odd humor too!!!
 Every week though is much, much, better than "that day"!!!


  1. Here's a little fact for you Camryn - your Mom is probably B-O-R-E-D too.
    I know I am, as I too am on the "injured list.". You're a very nice girl to let your Mom hug you. Crazy ladies like us (as in "horse crazy") love the smell of our sweet horses!!

  2. Camryn, I am sure Shy wouldn't mind if you came over and did work in her place. . .she is not too happy about having her equipment back on.
    Deanna is right. . .your mom is probably bored as well, I am sure she wants to get back to working with you!

  3. Pippin and Doc are bored too. Not because their Mrs. Owner is injured, but because she keeps picking up a paintbrush instead of a body brush. They stare at her and say, "Pleeeeeaaassssseeee do something fun with us" and she hugs them and goes to climb the stupid ladder.