Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walk 2 the Neeeeighbors...

Camryn here:
Mom and Onyx went walking thru the woods yesterday after the wedding.  On account of Moms ribs I stayed home eating.  Not a bad deal I think!
Mmmmm, who and what has been here?
Smells da air too.  I should mention that there is/was a house along the trail.  Is/was till yesterday night.  It burned down!!!  Not all the way because it's brick so the shell is still there.  No one was hurt (well, a cat is missing) their still investigating it's cause.  The people who lived there are hoarders so could've been caused by anything...
This is Handy, he's a Quarter Horse who lives at the neighbors boarding barn.  I've never ridden with him as he's a show horse and trails n stuff just aren't his thing.  He can deal with banners and such just fine, woods not so much.  He's a cutie...
This is Cameron, he's a TWH and Handy's buddy.  Sooooo, handsome just makes me drool looking at him.  I've ridden with him a few times, he's a nice guy.  I guess that wasn't always the case, he had a "mean dude" rep till his owner started working with him.  Huge turn around, he doesn't make shark jaws at everybody/everything no more. I could just look at him allllll day long.
Da house that burned down was just past the yellow trees.  Handy & Cameron were out in their paddock when the fire started.  Danette had to run over to put them in cause they was way scared of it all.  Lots of fire trucks coming and going for water...

Onyx heads back home after the visit to give me messages from the guys and tell me how the burned house smells...


  1. Thanks for the comment...and believe it or not, all of my injured and ailing friends gave me strength...I kept thinking about how minor and insignificant my pain was in comparison!
    Lovely post - pretty trees and leaves on the path. Fun to see neighboring horses. The house burning down must have been exciting, scary, interesting, exhausting, irritating.....Glad no one was hurt and hope the cat is found. Sometimes they take off 'cause they are scared.

  2. What? Onyx isn't sticking around with the bride after the wedding? Is he a love 'em and leave 'em kinda guy?

  3. cute post title, i do love me some clever puns ;) Corinna

  4. Camryn here:
    Yeah Shy, Onyx is what humans call a "real dog" I guess. Like I said he's a popular groom. He was a big winner in his day. The keeper boy puppy from this hopeful litter already has a few brides lined up!!!