Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not much goin on...

Camyrn here:
With Mom on the injured list we just don't have much goin on at all.  It's cold and rainy, this limits Moms barn time as it hurts to shiver!!!  I'm missing her riding, playing and just hanging out.  I've been trying my best to keep my room tidy so it doesn't take as much effort to keep it clean.  Most of my day is spent hanging out at the gate just hoping for a glimpse of Mom.  Apparently her sleeps lots from her pain killers and all. 
My neighbor horses have all gone away for the weekend.  We're hoping they all have a fun and safe time, and that it's not all cold and rainy where they're riding too. 
Dad be sick with horrible cold, so Mom is avoiding him with just blowing kisses across the room.
Mom has joined a treeless saddle group, cause while she'd down and out she has plenty of time to research.  Her thoughts are if her gets a treed saddle made for me, what happens when the atrophy is gone?  We're optomistic it will be gone.  With a treeless and a good pad, I can recover AND not need another new saddle?  Her be leaning most towards one of the Sensations (hybrid, western, or westlish).  Or a mabye a Torsion, definlity not a knock off cheapo that'll hurt my back even more and fall apart to boot.  We'll just have to wait and see I guess, I'm just happy I know Mom will always try to do right by me.  Wish I had arms to hug her, course hugging hurts her right now too.

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  1. You are very lucky to have such a caring mom!