Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Camryn here:
First off, thanx everyone of the comments on my new saddle.  And yes, it a Barefoot Treeless.  I do agree it looks awesome on me ;)
Mom wrote the Skito Pad peoples asking if they might be able to do some shims for the pad that came with the saddle.  It's a Grandeur Barefoot pad, very nice but, with my atrophy we need differant inserts.  With Mom not working due to her ribs AND the fact that the greenhouse season is nearly over anyway, money be tight.  So, her was hoping that maybe the Skito peoples could help and make an insert for the Grandeur that would help my atrophy.  The nice man Tom wrote right back asking Mom to send pix of my in profile and the inserts to see if he could help me.
Mom brought the camera right out and of course knowing what kind of pix we needed, I cooperated right away...
Camera? pictures?  Ok tell me what you need Mom.  Glad to help...
Mmmmm, where should I stand...

Here ya go Mom, me in full profile.  Sure hope my winter woolies don't interfere with what Tom wants!!!
So pictures are done, and sent. Mom was worried bout how her was gonna get pix of me standing nearly squared up, with head and ears erect.  No need to worry though, cause I knew what her wanted and that it was for me.  So I took over the shoot, chose the spot and "struck a pose".  Only took a few moments and I was able to get lunch right away.  See it does pay to be a good girl!!
 Mom did a tracing of the inserts and waiting to hear if they gots a fax #. Her's by sending them a template they'll have no probs.
 Keep all hooves crossed that Skito can make what I need to heal the atrophy. 


  1. Camryn, You are looking good! Your winter woolies are coming in nicely, too!
    Pippin might want to put that pic on his stall door. . .
    Your mom is so lucky to have such a good girl! Keep taking take of her!

  2. Ah, Pippin loves his girls to be fluffy... like him! I'll take a picture down to post on the wall. I'll put it in the 'common' area so both guys can stare at it... it will give them something to do while the weather is so awful!

  3. I love your Blog Camryn! I hope you get a good saddle fitting in the future. As for the clay can your Mom get a refund or another laod of dirt?