Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday kinda day...

Camryn here:
Today be a very, very special day.  Our Jillian turns 29 (for the first time).  Wow, Mom can't hardly believe it.  Just yesterday Jillian was just a cute little baby, suddenly a beautiful, accomplished young woman.  Mom remembers bringing Jillian home from the hospital, it was Indian Summer and way hot.  Chris who was two couldn't wait to show his brand new sister the ducks at the lake.  Soooo, that was Jillians firstest outing ever. 

Jillian is a nurse at OSU, her also is a Army Reservist (Specialist Surgical Tech).  Her gots a honey (Jesse) who lives in VA.  We've not met him, he's a Marina Capt. guy stationed at Quanico (yeah so I can't spell it).  Her is very busy and right now on the injured list like Mom.  Her's got three stress fractures in her foot.  Mom says Jillian should come stay with us, that way Dad couldn't get bored with two gimps to take care of!  Mom was doing a special present for Jillian but, due to her wreck it's been postponed.  Her kinda needs full use of her right arm for it. 
Another kind of Birthday cause Mom started this blog one year ago today. Now everyone has to admit it's a lot better now that I've took it over :)
Gotta go now, later...


  1. happy birthday to jillian ( my sister has the same name)!!!
    and happy first anniversary of the blog!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jillian - who is now forever 29!
    Happy bloggerday too!

    Camryn, Doc wrote about you on our blog - I think you'll love it! He's willing to let you be the boss mare!