Thursday, December 15, 2011

For Grandma...

Camryn here:
Mom's been busy with some Christmas projects.  One is all done finally, it's for her Mom from the Grandkids.  Grandma doesn't have a picture of all of them together.  Not that they don't get together but, when they do their all in motion!!!
So for Grandma, Mom managed to get the kids all together for a picture taking session.  Then her took the best one (no bunny ears) and did a drawing of them.  Mom's quite happy with how it turned out, specially since her shy's away from doing human portraits...
Mom's kidders are the middle three.  I think Grandma is gonna get all teary eyed when she opens it don't you ?


  1. That is amazing! You are so talented! What a beautiful picture!

  2. I love it! Impressive! Yup....tears are gonna flow!

  3. Great blog! Why not come and post it at an Equine Social Blogging Network for more to follow.