Sunday, December 25, 2011

It worked, it worked...

Camryn here:
Boy, oh boy was Onyx right about that being good stuff.  Santa must have been really impressed with my wheelbarrow pushing cause he brought is a brand new HUGE wheelbarrow.  It's got two wheels so I'm thinking perhaps Santa Paws is trying to simplify my trying to help???  I got a new ball that is way easier to pick up cause it's got holes and is all bendy.  Other me related presents was a Skito gift certificate so as soon as Mom gets some good pix of my back her plans to get me a custom pad, which is beyond awesome!!!  Oh, we got the movie BUCK which Mom already watched and told me all about too.  Her's very glad I was raised up right and not like that viscious horse in the film her said.  Bunch of other stuff too, I think the best part was candy canes in my breakfast "YUMMY"!!!
Tye who Onyx detests took his and the girl dogs gifts and is trying to hoard them.  Guess that may be why Onyx don't like him?  Tye is purty old, gonna be 16 in Feb. so the girls let him play boss dog in the house.  Tye also is big on unwrapping presents.  If he doesn't like what he got enough, he'll even try to unwrap everybodies presents human and dog alike.  He must of like his own from Santa Paws this morning, cause once he had it unwrapped, he settled down with it for a long time.  Mom took video of it this morning, being he's so old she worries it may be his lastest visit from Santa Paws...
Sorry the light isn't so good on it.  But, it sure is funny to watch.
Yesterday Mom N Dad went to her brothers, the whole family was there.  They all ate lots, spent time with each other and of course talked about me.  They said after watching my ball in basket video that Mom has to much time on her hands.  How rude was that?
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends and those they love.  And specially the soldiers who are still so far from home.  Like Mom told Chris when he was gone there for Christmas, "Home is where the heart is", so their all actually right at home all the time.

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  1. Silly Tye!
    Glad that you were a good girl and got a lot of gifts! Shyloh got a bareback pad with stirrups. Can't wait to try it out!
    Merry Christmas!