Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Practice makes perfect...

Camryn here:
Remember me mentioning learning how to play basketball?  Which means picking up a ball and putting it in a muck bucket basket.  Anyhow Mom n me have been practicing and we're getting pretty good at it.  Though I must mention Mom needs some work on her video skills, course making video AND clicking, tossing ball, fixing basket would be difficult even with having thumbs I should give her credit for being able to do it period right?  Once though I made it easier for her and fixed the bucket after having knocked it over all by myself.  Anyhow, here is the video we made:
Did ya notice I didn't even miss a single shot!!!  Awesome right?  Mom thinks I might be able to go with the NBA eventually.  The Cleveland Caveliers could certainly use my help!!!  This is the first time I made my shot from any distance.  Before this I was inconsistant even for close shots.  We'll keep working on my game and hopefully I'll be making shots even better than that Lebron dude someday. 
Oh, paleese ignore Mom's constant chatter, she does go on and on somtimes!
Hey, I gots an idea if all my friends pass the link on to their friends maybe I'll get famous and be a YouTube diva???  That's be way cool, then they could throw candy canes to me & I'd share them with all my horse friends even?


  1. OMG! You go girl! I love how you even fix the bucket yourself! Amazing! I am putting this on Shyloh's Facebook page!
    What a smart girl!

  2. Oh....Pippin and Doc, you have a long way to go. We need to work on this! I can't wait to try. What did you do first?

  3. Camryn here:
    Wow, I get to be on Shy's facebook, AWESOME!!!
    First thing Mom did was teach me to pick things up in general. Her had some probs with finding me a ball that I actually liked picking up. Once her found the right ball, her had problems with how to ask me to hold it till I put it in the bucket. Her cheated and haltered me, onced I picked up the ball, her would "gently" my head (holding the ball) to the bucket that was right by the ball. Then her would click, course I dropped the ball in the bucket for the treat. After I got that idea, her would hold off on the click till after I dropped the ball in the bucket. Took me a little bit to get consistant, actually the video is the first time I totally "got it". Of course if Mom had worked with our game as consistantly as she has recently being as smart as I am, I'd have "got it" right away!!!

  4. Dreaming, I am excited to try, too!
    Susan, where did you get that ball?
    And Camryn, you are a superstar!!

    We will have to play "In 60 seconds, how many times can the Haffie make a basket!"

  5. I picked it up at WalMart. It's squishy like a nerf ball, but has a firmer surface. Don't tell Camryn but, she's getting a differant ball from Santa. She'll have more toy balls than the dogs!!!

  6. Probably should've mentioned, I used clicker training.

  7. Well, I know where I am going tomorrow morning before the barn! I gotta dig out my clicker, I've used it for dogs, so it is somewhere. . .