Saturday, December 24, 2011

No lumps of coal here...

Camryn here:
Onyx been telling me about this guy he calls Santa Paws.  Seems if your naughty you gets a lump of coal.  If your good you get presents. 
I'm making sure I don't get any of those coal lumps which I imagine wouldn't taste good!!!
I figure if I show this Santa Paws how helpful I am to Mom it'll guarantee presents right?
So after Mom cleaned my room I thought I'd help clean my yard.  Without opposable thumbs however moving a wheel barrow is pretty near impossible...

The smell isn't all that good either!  Still I tried and Onyx says that counts for something.
Tonight Onyx and I are gonna wait up to try and visit with Santa Paws.  I'm gonna save some of my hay for his reindeer too.  I'm sure they'll be plenty hungry pulling that sleigh.  Wouldn't Mom be surprised in the morning if maybe one of them needed rest and I took it's place pulling Santa Paws?
Wow, I'm glad I thought of that, would be way cool for sure.

1 comment:

  1. Your mom would be surprised if she woke up to find Donner in your stall instead of you! I bet she would be real sad.
    Keep up the good work helping out! I am sure Santa Paws will bring you something extra tasty!
    Merry Christmas!