Saturday, December 31, 2011


Camryn here:
Reflecting a bit, not like trees gracefully depicted on a pond.  But, on 2011 which we shall soon put behind us. 
It was a fun year for me n Mom for the most part.  Got out and about quite a few times, we both made new friends too. Mom did break her ribs, but recovered and never blamed me for it at all. Got our trailer, which I finally decided somewhat that it was an OK place to be.  Dad got Mom n Me a truck to pull our trailer too!!!  Unfortunatly we found my saddles weren't fitting much to the detriment of my back.  But, fortunatly lotsa friends helped out in trying to find me one that fits.  Now I gots one that does, and my new custom pad should be here next month. We've got hooves crossed that this means the saddle dilemma is behind us.  Mmmmm, I graduated from playing ball in the muck bucket to my hoop (just today actually).  I'm learning to walk sideways, don't know why though!!!  Oh, I took over the blog which was a good thing for readers, so as they didn't have to read Mom's rambling on and on.  I've got new neighbor horses that appear friendly though I've yet to meet up close and personal.  Dad is doing great in his school work, which gives Mom lotsa time for me.  The mud sadly is still upon us, and seemingly always will be.  We're still Sad over loosing Reej (dog) this past spring.  But, Promise eye is better and Onyx has new children. 
Chris & his Sam and their Pits are doing good.  The Pits are in a spa kennel right now while Chris/Sam are seeing in the New Year down in TX.  Jillian and her Jesse are looking good, the family finally got to meet him and he got a big thumbs up.  Adam and his Ashley are good too, Ashley also got a thumbs up from the family. I could find tons more good things to mention but, you get the idea.

Not me but, drawn from a photo Mom took of a friend
All in all, 2011 darned good year I have to say.  My tummy is nearly always full, I feels safe, comfortable and loved.  What more can a Hafy Gurl want for I ask?  Not much for sure :)


  1. Camryn, I hope you, your mom and he rest of your family have a wonderful 2012. Please tell your mom that I think she is a fantastic artist.

  2. Cheers to 2012 being just as fantastic!!

  3. Doc & Pippin here to wish you a New Year too! May you have sunshine and plenty of hay, no bugs and a treat now and then!

  4. Wishing you a Happy New Year! I am thinking a should send you a picture of one of my sheep and you could do a sheepie and Dixie drawing for me! Love Ya...Kristi & Dixie

  5. Well, if you get a good shot of Dixie playing with sheep let me know. Actually, I'd started a painting of Dixie some time ago that I've just never finished.