Saturday, December 10, 2011

Very own children...

Of course with Christmas around the corner one thinks of family.  When I moved here my former owner was kind enough to send along some pictures of my very own family:

This is my very own son...

His name is Red, his Daddy is a Paint.  I guess Red got spots on his heart on account of none showed up on his body!!!  My old owner told Mom that the only time I ever bit anyone was when I was a first time Mom.  He walked into my stall and right up to Red without thinking.  I let him know he shoulda asked first.  I was a good Momma.

This is me froliking with my daughter...
Isn't she purty, her spots showed up all over!!!  They called her Spring.
Spring,  I'm guessing as a long yearling.  Mom saw her for sale earlier in the year, if we'd had room Mom woulda bought  her for me.  The for sale pix showed she had my head and body but, longer legs.  I hope both my children have wonderful homes like me.  Maybe someday we'll have more room and if Mom see's her for sale again I can have my girl back with me?  According the ad Mom saw, her name is Ruby now.


  1. I so want to buy my mare's baby girl that is for sale right now - (by previous owner) - I just don't have the moola needed. But I get what you're saying Girl!! Maybe someday!

  2. Beautiful! Lucky you got some pictures of them! What a good mama!