Monday, December 5, 2011

Rain and/or rain...

Camryn here:
Not much to talk about unless you want to talk about rain!!!  We have lots of it here, we've had lots of it all year.  Mom is sick of it big time.  Me, I don't mind it so much, nothing like a good nap standing in the rain I say.  Though the fact that my pasture has been better for ducks than me most of the time doesn't make me smile.  Mom says it's a good thing I don't mind umbrellas cause she comes down to the barn with one so often.  I think she should let me carry it for her, I could do it I know I could.  On the few non rain days we've had, Mom & me have been playing together.  We'd been working on my basket ball skills but, part of my hoop set got losted :(.  Her thinks that Dad might have accidently tossed it not knowing what it was.  We've been practicing in secret as a surprise for him.  This means Mom has the parts of my hoop seperate and tucked away in the barn.  Bad idea I guess <SIGH>  So now we're stuck dropping my ball in a muck bucket for now (a clean one of course)
We've also been working on my side passing. I'm trying really hard but, Mom has problems with explaining that my front half AND my back half are supposed to move over together as in at the same time!!!  I can do my front have THEN my back half real good though!


  1. well you are far tougher than Bodhi. He *hates* rain. He turns into a total wet blanket if you know what I mean ;)

  2. Good thing you don't mind the rain! That's all we have, too. And now it is turning to snow, but not cold enough to stick, so it ends back up as water.

    Basketball! How fun! We need a video!
    Keep working on that side pass. . .your front end and back end will come to work together soon. :)