Saturday, October 19, 2013

All a glow...

Camryn here:
One thing we all like lots bout the new place (besides grass) is the sun rises n sun sets.  Living in the woods at the old place we rarely never got to see them...
Last nights sunset...

Sadly the pic doesn't show how I was all a glow!  Mom did try though.

This was a sunset making the trees in front all gold n beautiful.  Mmmm, just like me!

This sunset was way prettier than the picture.  Mom sayed something about "red sky at night, sailors delight", meaning the next day would be a good one for being outside.

I be thinking God had his art brushes all out for this!

This was a foggy sunrise out front.  You can kinda see the cattle out grazing.

An awesome late sunset, Mom had troubles finding me in the pasture.  That's where I enjoy the splendor of the sunrises n sunsets the best.


  1. gorgeous...glad you are loving your new home.

  2. Beautiful!!! What a nice sight to see every morning and night.

    1. Very nice sight indeed, specially since the sunrises are usually accompanied with breakfast and sunsets have dinner served shortly after ;)

  3. Some truly gorgeous pictures.... made all the better by your appearance in one of them ;-)

    1. Yes, I told Mom to be sure to include at least one with yours truly!