Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We gots a Dragon!!!

Camryn here:
We gots a Dragon in our midst...
HA, fooled you!  It's wee Grandfoal Lincoln all dressed up like a Dragon!

Can you believe it, he's just over a month old already.  Not sure why he's not up walking about like my foals did at much earlier ages than he is though.  Chris n Sam had a date night, so that meant Mom n Dad had date night with Lincoln.  Sadly I have yet to meet him in person SIGH!  Lincoln didn't bring a hat for his little bald head and it was to chilly to bring him out to meet me.  Mom promised me she'd be sure he had a hat for next time though.
Tonight the neighbor (not the one with the good Littles) had some company that brought two Littles.  These Littles I didn't like not one little bit.  Their Dad either for that matter,  Mom saw me going bazoo running in my pasture to my paddock n back again.  That's when she saw/heard those brat Littles yelling, jumping and running along my fence line.  Mom was beyond P.O.'d.  She was just heading out to let loose big time on them when the oldest boy saw her in the window and pointed.  The Dad hustled them off.  Bad enough when kids do stupid things when unattended but, to have the Dad allowing it!!!  The neighbor was inside his garage and didn't see it, and knowing Ed who is a nice guy he'd not have allowed it if he had.    Some days "I Love my new home" some days I long for the peace and quiet of my old place. 


  1. Awww, doesn't look like cute little Lincoln is a horse eating dragon, I'll have to let Shy know that not all dragons eat horses :)
    What bratty little kids and their dad! That would make me mad, too! I'd have a talk with them for sure.
    Don't forget that hat next time Lincoln is over! I want to see the cutest photos ever of Camryn and Lincoln :)

    1. Well, Grampa would have to be holding Lincoln, he's terribly afraid of Mom's camera hee hee. Mom's hoping the brat Littles won't be regulars next door!

  2. Awww what a sweetie. I don't get to see much of NG either. Next summer I hope to be taking her for wee rides.
    As for them bratty littles' pa grrrr he is old enough to know better.

    1. I know, Mom's already checking out teensy helmets even. Can't wait :)