Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

Camryn here:
Happy Halloween everyone.  Bummer that my costume dissapeared with the move, plus Mom didn't even get pumpkins this year!  Bad Mom, Bad Mom...
Moms daughter Jillian and her Fiance Jesse got to play dress up and sent a picture.  So stead of me in costume, here are Jillian n Jesse:
Can you tell who/what they are?  If not, I'll tell you, they are the game of "Operation".  Isn't that cool.  And I think that might be me on Jillians thigh next to the beer bottle she's holding (probably not but, I'll pretend anyways)!!!  Jillian works for a surgeon so Jesse got to wear one of their scrubs.  Guess he wasn't real thrilled that his costume had once actually had bloods n other ghastly things upon it.  Hee hee, don't ya love big handsome guys that gross out easy ;)
Oh, in case I'd forgotten to mention it before, Jesse proposed to Jillian earlier this month.  Course she said "YES", cause she LO-OVES her Jesse :)  He's a real nice guy and they make a very good couple.
It's raining outside so no tricks or treats being handed out here.  Mom tooked a whole bag of candy to the Littles next door though.
Lincoln and his dog big sis Emily are helping hand out candies and dressing up.  Lincoln will be a Dragon, Emily a T. Rex!  Mom might go over to see em, though she's more into chilling tonight.  We'll get pix to post I'm sure :)


  1. We have only had 3 young ones that have braved the rain.
    Congrats to Jillian and Jesse! That is a cute costume, too.

    1. only one at our place was the UPS guy tonight. He just ran the bell and ran back to his truck though. Missed out on candy!!!