Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy humans...

Camryn here:
My people have been soooo busy, sometimes I feel sorry for them.  But, that soon passes and I go back to being busy myself...

Keeping my pasture mowed, is sooooo exhausting!  Please don't tell Mom I'm getting chubby!

Promise gets tired just watching them do stuff all the time and needs to rest up.

There was this huge pussy willow bush sitting smack dab in the middle of the yard.  Most of the landscaping is unimaginative and boring, very unatural with things just stuck out nowhere and surrounded by circles of rocks.  Mom's undug all the rock circles and can build around some of the stuff with other plantings.  This particular bush hindered the views and had to go...

Almost gone...

Now Mom can sit on the porch and see the cute long ears across the rode better.  This is the baby Spot.

Margeaux could watch the long ears too if she wasn't so tired from watching Mom n Dad!
Dad moved all the cut down stuff to behind my pasture to age for burning come spring.

     Of course the prerequiste pic of Lincoln!!!  OH MY, he's getting cuter n cuter, they got Chris baby pix out and Lincoln is his little clone.  Mom gotted him this furry bear jacket so he could come out and visit me.  He did come out a bit while Mom watched him this morning, but I was busy mowing the pasture.  While watching Lincoln she also made a huge pot of Beef Stew.  Sam was on a job interview, all hooves crossed she gets it.  She had to leave her job when she n Chris gotted married on account of it woulda been a 4 hour commute. Same type of job, just a differant airline.  Since the Govt. peoples finally got their act together (for now) Chris gotted to go back to his day work. Though he's still furloughed one day a week.  His broked leg still has him off from the Fire Station though.  
     Then when Lincoln went home, Mom got busy transplanting stuff from the old place.  She still has tons of plants to bring here but, with winter coming they'll wait till spring.  Besides that Mom of course provided room service for me with yummy eats, more water, changing my linens and cleaning my field.  Oh, she's also tarped off an area for the veggie garden and adding my road apples to compost thru the winter.  Whoa, I'm tired just thinking of it all!


  1. Wow busy stuff.... humans are always busy! Loving the view of the cute long ears and more importantly the delicious Lincoln, what a cutie! Fingers crossed for the job xx

    1. Those long ears are cute for sure :) Your right Lincoln is delicious.

  2. Human would love the rocking chairs. Lincoln .... aww how cute is he? Love his outfit with proper ears an' all.

    1. Mom loves the rockers too, specially the long ear view from them. Lincoln makes such a cute little bear :)

  3. Not only are you a pretty horse, but you are obviously smart too, I can tell by your writing here.

    1. Yeah, I mostly even spell pretty well ;)