Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dragon & T. Rex...

Camryn here:
I rarely do two posts in one day but...
Chris texted Mom this pic of Lincoln the Dragon & Emily T. Rex.  Being a cell pic it's not the bestest but, she must make do:
Lincoln the Dragon is filling out quite nicely.  Seems every few minutes he's grown some.  Emily  T. Rex the Dragons trusty side kick looks quite cute.  Though it does look kind of like something is eating her head?  I'm guessing Sam is adjusting something given that T. Rex is a tripod n all. Maybe Emily  T. Rex should borrow the leg that seems to be just hanging around in the top of the picture??? 

It's been a rainy, windy, rainy day, this is what I do after coming in from standing in the downpour all day!  Gotta roll in the fresh bedding to dry off a bit.  Mom saw me pawing and whipped out her cell phone.  No private moments with those dratted phones I tell you. 
Some bad news for me, once I volunteered happily and quite accidently to ride the other day.  I had to prove myself to be uncooperative just to keep Mom on her toes.  So two nights in a row I refused to come in from my pasture.  Course it didn't work quite like I planned cause Mom just got her handy stick and lunged me till I decided my room was a good spot to be in.  Her knowed it was gonna rain all day so decided rather than having to round me up in the dark downpour she'd keep me in my paddock this afternoon.  I caught on and tried to run past her into the pasture.  Not a good idea cause then I got lunged in the rain and brought in the paddock anyhow.  I showed her though, instead of going on my dry patio to munch on some good hay & stay toasty dry, I stood out in the wind and rain eating wet grass thru the puddles, changing my lovely golden coat to a drenched brown! 
HA, so there Mom   :P


  1. Ha so there. Well done, the good bit about lunging in the rain is your Mom was out in the rain too and we all know how humans hate the rain.

    1. Specially when not wearing their ghastly yellow balooning apparel!!! ;)

  2. Emily and Lincoln are so cute in their costumes! Looks like you have perfected the roll :)

  3. Mom wishes she'd have braved the elements to see em in person now though. Yup, gotta love a good roll for sure :

  4. Those are great costumes, hope you all had a good time!

  5. You've been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! You rock! Check out my blog for the details!!