Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another pool???

Camryn here:
I thought perhaps this was Mom playing some kind of joke regarding the pool in the paddock.  Seems not as Mom was quite alarmed upon discovering a differant sort of pool down at the barn in the  morning...
It rained LOTS over night, rather an understatement I think!

This was is my pasture yesterday morning...

Really Mom. a pool in the paddock now this!!!
Pic taken just before Mom left for work, it had already receded about 6 feet from discovering my new pool...
What it looked like after Mom came home from work...
My bedroom after...
Barn aisle after
Mom guessitmated judging by the water marks on walls that the water had been up to 6 inches deep in the barn at one point!!!  Onyx sleeps on a raised platform so was comfy and dry.  Me not so much, don't worry I be fine, my only concern was room service arriving on time.
Kinda sad that I'd finally built up to 1 hour pasture grazing and now I'll have to start all over cause it's gonna take weeks to dry out again SIGH
Mom stripped out my room really good an let it dry all day, I have excellant room service here.

PS...Lessons are canceled due to heat until further notice


  1. Dixie and I were thinking of you yesterday when the news said the Akron area got lots of flooding. We barely got a half inch! Poor Camryn cant get a break! My horses are doing ok with the heat but my poor sheep are not happy. I am glad I am home to keep watch on them. Dixie sends hugs!

  2. 6 inches in the barn?! How terrible! Sorry to hear about that!

  3. Hay, we had a lot of rain and our paddock was MUD-EEEE, but not like your place - wow! That's pretty impressive. Sorry about the grazing - that's tough!

    Doc & Pippin