Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nosy me...

Camryn here:
     Mom always teases that I'm a nosy neighbor, I can't help it that so much goes on nearby that I have to supervise.  I mean the neighbors with a pool, they should thank me for my life guard services right?  They just moved here last year.  When Mom first met them she warned them that they'd be watched by a large buxum blonde.  They were concerned till Mom pointed back to our place and they saw me thru the trees doing what I do best (besides eating) "watching them".  Tonight they're swimming, the people next to them waxing their cars, the people next to them playing loud music.  So, guess I'll be hanging on that side of the fence tonight.
     Finally, started getting some pasture time again.  Took over two weeks for it to be dry enough according to Mom anyway.  Starting over with 15 minutes again.  I sure hope it stays dry enough for me to be back there all day again sometime.  This summer has been a pain for me.  Grazing and bugwise!!!
     Mom decided to annoy me with the hose again too SIGH.  Usually her hangs my net and ties me then hoses me.  Her's decided it's time for me to grow up and deal with being hosed without food or being tied.  I'm making sure it's not easy for her I tell you.  Unfortunatly by doing that I make it not easy for me!!!  Taking me a while but, after two hose jobs tonight, I'm slowly figuring out that it doesn't take so long if I don't act like I'm being longed!!!  Still don't like it, but SIGH it does cool one off.
     Mom feeling lots better, enough that she did the above.  During the last flood a cord of wood that Dad had stacked outside my pasture gate got picked up by the water and scattered all over a 50 foot area.  Mom tossed all that in the ATV trailer, then stacked it near the bonfire in the yard.  I say if getting better means you gotta work as hard as Mom did it's best to stay sick!!!  Just my thoughts on that.

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  1. Yeah, we hate the hose thing, too. Doc is a bit more patient with it than I am. I also tend to swish around a lot when my Mrs. Owner gets out that fly spray bottle. Doc tried to explain that I'd feel better if I got sprayed but I think my Mrs. Owner really does like following me as I turn in little circles!

    - Pippin