Monday, July 18, 2011

A pool in my paddock!!!

While I was out doing my alotted hour of grazing something happened in my paddock!!!  Mom called for me to bring me back in, I of course headed for my hay net.  Something caught my eye outside, I wondered out to take a look.  It was huge an green, an apparently (to me) it appeared out of nowhere.  I gave a start turning away a bit, looked back an it was still there.  I slowly circled, small circles then bigger circles, the green thing stayed put.  I finally circled close enough to take a good look., sniffed it good and found it was a big green water vessle of some sort. It wouldn't eat me, and it wasn't edible so I was cool.  By then Mom was beside it calling Onyx (my dog) over to it.  Her motioned him in the big green thing, Onyx jumped up and in the water with a splash. He looked pretty happy about the big thing.  Mom began explaining to me that it was a wading pull to help Onyx cool off.  I thought it all rather odd, but had hay waiting so went on about my business of eating.
Another day off as it was well into the 90's.  Was supposed to rain but, all we got was some thunder and wind.

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  1. Hmmm, I haven't seen one of those, but I think, if it were that hot, I'd want to put my size 2's in there to cool off! Love from Pippin