Friday, July 22, 2011

Is this payback?...

Camryn here:
     Shortly before bedtime last night Mom thinks she's doing me a favor and hoses me off AGAIN
Favor smavor, while I behave and stand kinda really good I do show my displeasure.  You horses know what I mean, ears back, rear legs doing a tap dance.  After she's done I figure it's dinner time right?  NOPE not yet.  Mom takes my halter off then LEAVES the barn.  I mean where is she going it's dinner time!!!  I yell really, really loud and come running outta the barn, I lower my head and shake it trying to let her know it's time to eat and NOW.  Well, Mom turns her gets REAL BIG and I'm like "OOPS, scuse me", turn and saunter back into the barn.  Turns out Mom was just getting the hose to put away then planned to give me dinner after all.  Kinda embarrising the way I went all Diva on her.
     Today Mom comes home from work early cause it was over 120 degrees in the greenhouse.  Her sets up my lovely hay net in front of the fan, I'm happy lunch is early and the fan feels good.
     Mom pulls out the camera, I swear her is paying me back for the Diva routine last night.  Her's all "ooooh, you look so cute with your Kramer forelock all blowing back".  Her doesn't realize that I have watched Seinfield and I do know who Kramer is and he ain't cute at all...

Plus it's just plain rude to take pictures of someone with their mouthful!!!
Mom added a new thing at the bottom of each post you can check off one of three thoughts.
It's for those of you who read but, don't comment.  Kind of simplifies things a bit I think.  Course those who do comment keep it up, makes me feel appreciated :*)


  1. Great post!! I love they way you write. Oops. I mean Camryn.

  2. Oh, we understand that hose thing - only our Mrs. Owner does it to get the mud off our feet. I do have to say that we end up with several pounds of the stuff stuck on our lower legs, and hate to admit that it feels good to get it off. But, I won't let on to liking it around our Mrs. Owner!
    Those people just don't understand how hungry haffies can get and how important it is for us to have food... right this minute!

    Take care, love from Doc & Pippin