Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nice little plod about...

Me n Mom had a nice little blod about in the pasture this evening.  I'm so glad she's able to just let things like a crow hop go.  Guess kinda like I be letting no click n treat go I guess.  Mom is still giving me a nice little treat upon mounting up, I'm glad that's remaining the same.  I'm actually still learning things pretty quickly without it.  To bad Mom isn't as quick about learning to sit my trot.  It be driving her plenty crazy, mainly because she worries her may be hurting me.  Her thinking perhaps her should continue to post an just attempt sitting trot under trainers watchful eye.  I think it's a great idea.
Anyhow, we spent bout half hour just chilling in my pasture, walking here, trotting there, stopping to watch the neighbors a bit.  A big tree limb came down while we was doing that part.  We both heard it and I looked up saying "what was that".  I quickly realized it was nothing scary or edible so went on watching the neighbors.  Mom says that's one of the things her loves best about me among many others of course.
After I got to go graze a bit while her tidied things up, then came in for little hay before bedtime.  I'm glad I didn't have to stand tied forever tonight.  Guess that means I did good right?
Mom mentioned doing ground work and trailer loading tomorrow. Her an Dad going to an art fest thing to hang out a while too.  I have to say I'm a happier girl with something to do AND being up to 45 minutes in the pasture now.  Tomorrow starts grazing for an hour YIPPEE!!!

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