Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Learning is hard work...

     Now that the heat wave is over, perhaps temporarily I started back to learning.  SIGH, I likes just hanging out better.
     Last night Mom finally sat my trot, at least better than her had been doing anyhow.  After having ridden a gaited horse for some time,  her butt forgot how to do that. Luckily her hadn't forgot how to post.
We/I also began learning me how to collect.  Not going so good just yet however, I'll get it but teacher says being that I don't know how, and Mom don't know how it will take some time.  I did collect twice for a few micro seconds.  Also we/I worked on sidepassing, that's hard too.  I just don't get it.  Again the fact that it's kind of like "the blind leading the blind" cause neither Mom or I know how.  SIGH homework.
     On the plus side no homework today cause Mom is sick.  Sorry Mom but, I don't want to do any home work.  Her started feeling kind of peaked as we went home for the lesson. Good thing I was in a good girl mood.  We made it home, Mom was feeling all hot but cold.  Under and along her ear is now all swollen and hot.  She's going to the  Doctor Vet  later today.  I  hopes her feels better, really I do.  But, still not doing any homework works for me!!!

"Kilroy was here"

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