Thursday, July 28, 2011

Human's illness...

Camryn here:  K, so Mom went to see her Dr. Vet yesterday.  Turns out she has something she's read about in horses!!!  It's called celluitus, all the lymph nodes on the left side of her face be swollen, da ear is gynormous, the skin all ouchie n bumpy.  That and her had a fever too.  Dr. Vet looked at it then began with questions, one being does her have exzema, Mom says no but, I does have postular soreiusis (sorry horses can't spell latin real good).  Dr. Vet asks if there be a spot in the swollen area, and TADA, they find the culprit.  Bacteria entered via the sore.  So, now Mom on a strong antibiotic 4 times a day along with a probiotic cause of what the meds might do to good bacteria in her tummy.  Her starting to feel betters but, still way puffy and ouchie.  Her not needing blanket on over 80 degree day either.  Her resting good, (so am i hee hee) cept of course taking care of the princess "ME".
Lucky her boss lady be a former nurse so totally understands what it is, and how Mom feels right now. 

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  1. Thanks for getting on the computer and giving us an update on how mom is doing. It sounds awful. I hope she feels better really soon!