Friday, July 15, 2011

Opinion expressing not allowed?...

Apparently I Camryn are not allowed to express opinion.  At least not in the way I attempted too.  Not fair, not fair, not fair.
So anyhow, I think I mentioned human n I learning to now have me turn my forequarters off her leg.  We already got the hindquarters thing down pretty good and her changing it up on me!!!  Also I gotsa learn how to slow from a trot to a walk, stead of just stopping.  AND Momma learning how to sit the trot JEEZ, that's a lot.
Momma say it's not just me doin the learning that it's both of us.  I gotta admit turning off the legs turning into a good thing.  The trot sitting not so much.
Last night Dakota an Me tooked our Moms over to the arena to play a bit.  We both worked on the turnin stuff.  All the while we was trying to flirt with the boys though ;).  On the way home my Mom wanted to work on her sittin trot, but Dakota needs to learn how to walk on the way back home.  Since that apparently has something to do with safety we were supposed to walk.  Normally I fine with that, last night I knew we was supposed to practice the trot sittin so kept offering to help with that.  Apparently that wasn't appreciated however SIGH.  One rein stops are such a bother.
Tonight Mom n Me stayed in the pasture.  I offered a trot several times an got the one rein thing again.  After a few of those, I did figure out walking when asked worked out best.  I also figured out that a soft one rein meant I could simply go down to a walk and I didn't have to stop.  After a while I was ready to be done and expressed my opinion.  I kinda ducked my head down to the side, and popped my bottom up a bit to the other side.  Mom called it a crow hop of all things, hmmmmph I am not a crow.  Her laughed at my opinion and one reined me inna circle.  I kinda expected the one rein but, the laugh it kind of took the steam right out of my opinion I tell you.  Then if you can belive this, she had me circling every tree in the pasture.  Have I mentioned there are about a dozen trees???  After that her dismounted, I'm thinking "hay, hay hay"!  Wrong!!!!  She tooked off my bridle, tied me and let me stand there for like forever.  Her filled my water, tidied the tack area, then sat on my mounting thing and talked on the phone.  Only like after forever did she take off my saddle, n put my sheet back on.  Then can you believe this, she puttered around again forever before finally giving my hay!!!  I was so bummed with all the waiting all I could do was stand there sighing and yawning and licking my lips. 
So should I go on strike or quit with the crow hops???  What do you all think?  Two days without the clicker, I miss it but am getting over it.

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