Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uh Oh, saddle issues...

Camryn here:
Well, Mom be beating herself all up, calling herself stupid & apolagizing to me.  Seems my saddle doesn't fit.  Good girl that I am, I've never told her.
My saddle belonged to her TWH, it's a wide gaited saddle with flaired bars and all that.  Her had several people check to make sure it fitted me.  Well, they were wrong.
My trimmer is a saddle fitter but, for some reason Mom never had her check "DUH".  Trimmer mentioned today that my back showed some signs of atrophy and maybe my saddle didn't fit.  Poor Mom, her thought the recent changes on my back was from my diet having worked. 
Mom pulls out my saddle with the pad I normally wear, that's where the "Uh Oh" part of my subject matter comes in cause that was the noise Momma made.  It was way tight on my shoulders.  They switched to my thin blanket, it's not perfect but doable for now. 
A good friend has one of those treeless saddles (Sensation) that her is going to let us use.  Her also has some "equifit" thing that you bake in the oven then put on horses back.  Mom can then take that around to tack stores and compare for fit.  Though Mom thinks maybe her should wait on that till my muscles have chance to come back?
This Sensation is english which Mom never rode before.  Her hopes to get used to it riding in the paddock for a bit first. 
Dad,  he's gonna have kittens and him not a cat lovin guy at all.
On a positive note, my feets look awesome.


  1. LOL at the kittens comment! ... and understand!

  2. When I was recently saddle shopping, I looked quite seriously at the Sensation! I have not liked riding English or Australian, I'm truly a western girl- but the Sensation looked wonderful!