Saturday, August 6, 2011

Problem # 1 solved...

Camryn here:
     Ok Pippin N Doc, thanx for writing on my behalf.  And I do mean THANX!!! 
Mom had Dad put up a long nylon strap kinda like some stalls have to keep horses in.  Only this one is meant to keep me from the back of the aisle that I'd turned into potty central.  So, I wasn't in exile long and so far I've kept my business outside!!!  So that problem is solved at least for now.
     Saddle problem not so much.  Mom's friend let her borrow her English Sensation Treeless Saddle, her endurance Synergist saddle that her Haffy's use, and the EquiFit saddle measuring thing.
     First off, Momma spent most of the day cleaning both saddles, they both was in need badly.  The Equifit thing comes with a special box you put it in to heat it.  Mom's friend lost the box, so Mom needs to rig one up but, didn't have time to cut down boxes and foil them.  Her hopes to tomorrow.
     Mom was really hoping the Sensation would fix my saddle issue.  Her put it on me and WALLA perfect and I looked really good in it too.  Then Momma hopped on for a test ride.  Her decided her be a western gal for sure.  Her felt like if I wanted her off, her'd be off in a hoof beat.  When her trotted me, her felt like her was being thrown in the air.  Her adjusted the stirrups and still had that feeling.  So, the Sensation be a no go.  It is a lovely, high quality saddle though.
     So if the weather holds we'll test ride the Sensation tomorrow.  Mom's really scared it'll work, Dad even more so cause it's way, way, way pricey.  You should see it though, I'm gonna looks like the Princess that I am strutting it it.
     New problem, Mom's camera is on the fritz!!!  Her was gonna take pictures of me modeling it wouldn't turn on.  Her recharged the batteries still nothing.  It was working just a few days ago so don't know what's up with that.  Kinda a spensive camera too, with the saddle issue the camera issue is low on the priority list.  While I'd really love to continue putting up pixs of my beeutiful princess self, I do prefer comfort of a good fitting saddle even more so.


  1. Pippin and Doc are thrilled to be mentioned on your blog - I wouldn't let them have the keyboard this morning... they made such a mess of it yesterday!
    Sensation offers a western treeless saddle. I have tried a western treeless from Barefoot Saddles. Kimberly, at Sallys Saddles ( let me try one on Doc. I wasn't seriously looking for treeless and at that time had a saddle that worked - so I didn't pursue it.
    There is a guy in Colorado who makes saddles specifically for Haffies. I couldn't find a web site, but his phone # and a picture of a saddle on a haffie are posted in the newsletter, on the 6th page at:
    Good luck with the saddle!

  2. Thanx guys, I printed that page to show Mom.