Monday, August 22, 2011

Adventures/Misadventures part 2

Camryn here:
   First of all, I slept like a log last night.  Mom could tell too, I used my "piles" as a body pillow.  Mom mentioend that I looked like an abstract in manure.  Her also mentioned the word "bath" SIGH
   Back to my weekend.  Before bedtime, Mom,  other Susan, Sherry and a few other ladies checked saddle fits on me.  Of course yet again the one Mom thought fit didn't!!!  However one she thought hadn't, then thought did, then didn't actually did.  So we rode out in the Synergist.  Quite nice saddle actually, we get to use it till Farrah's competitive driving season is over in Nov. 
     In the morning a lady who prefred a slower ride hooked up with other Susan and Mom.  Other Susan had a riding accident a few years back and is hesitant yet in the saddle.  Plus Farrah is primarily a carriage girl and hadn't been ridden in quite a while.  I wasn't my admirable self once Mom was mounted, just soooooo much going on.  Lots and lots of horses, trucks, trailers, peoples, Mom said I was on "sensory overload".  Her circled me around, till I calmed, circled till calm, on and on like that.  In the meantime Farrah wasn't standing for mounting.  Keep in mind she's unused to being mounted so her wasn't be a bad girl at all.  Mom took this as an opportunity to get my thinking side back.  Mom mentioned to Shelia that I was like riding a differant horse all together today.
     Other Susan got mounted and off we went.  Farrah and Lady (pretty paint girl) were hesitant leaving camp.  We had to pass an odd smellying green thing (port o potty) they didn't wanna, so I took the lead.  Mom mentioned that "her Camryn was now back under her".  We crossed a road then into the brush.  It was nice and leisurly for a while.  Then suddenly all these creatures appeared at the side of the trail.  I'm like "OOOOOOOH NOOOOOO" Mom will be eaten for sure.  They was walking up, running towards us, some made noises like Bahhhhhhh, others twitterd about quickly making noises like "cluck, cluck, cluck".  I turned prepared to whisk Mom off to safely, Farrah was of like mind.  Lady was "don't worry girls", so we followed her past.  I did keep a close eye on these creatures.  Any thing that makes Mom say things like "OH S#@* one must be leary of.
     So, we ride on, Farrah and I are like "WHEW" we saved our Moms and starting to chill.  When suddenly BAM, BOOM, BAM  all around us.  I nearly left my skin, Farrah I think nearly transported into space, once again Lady was "come on girls" lets keep going.  So we did!  Still Farrah and I were worried, I heard Mom talking bout her boy Chris who's been in Iraq couple times.  He'd apparently been marathon training on this trail with friends and had to leave.  The booming had sent his mind back to Iraq and he was shaking and quivering all over.  This is how bad the noise was, their called Corn Cannons and meant to keep crows off farmers crops.  We had to endure this torture for several miles, at several points the cannons were only yards from the trail. I should mention here that Mom didn't choose this route!!!  Sheila and other Susan had.
    So, finally the noise is being left behind, we go out onto a road.  No big deal, motorcycles (Mom mentioned must be a poker run), cars, bicycles, peoples walking.  We cross a bridge where I enjoy the view watching the river flow under us from both sides.  I be doing pretty good here.
   Then we come to what be called the "towpath" this is a narrow area with people walkers/joggers, strollers, bicycles.  Mom and me are kinda all agog, Farrah is getting there too.  Lady is OK.  Sheila and other Susan are explaining to Mom that horses have the right of way in this place.  Well, no body told the peoples around us.  We had to cross a kind of narrow bridge, would fit three horses abreast easy if we were just horses on the bridge.  All others are supposed to wait for us to be across "NOT"!!!  We're on the bridge, and bikes start coming towards us, I turn my head to see bikes coming behind, this stroller thingy is starting to come behind too.  Then 4 joggers running two abreast is headed "directly" at me!!!  I'm "gotta save Mom"!  Mom kinda shouts "please stop", the peoples cept the joggers get their A#@es outa their butts long enough to enjoy my dancing about.  Farrah and Lady aren't to happy at this point either.  Lady doesn't get unhappy at goings on much, so I knew our peoples had to be in serious dangers. The joggers however are still headed right at me, kinda like their brains were transported elsewhere, I know mine was!!!  Mom yelled loud this time "STOP, she's gonna blow", they kept jogging.  Mom yells "YOU IDIOTS, STOP", they paid her no heed at all.  Mom members thinking "at least we've all got helmets on".  Finally the IDIOTS pass, I breath a heavy sigh of relief as does Mom.  All three riders is purty pissed off at this point let me tell you. A few peoples who had heeded our right of way had stood watching and they were all agog about da rudeness of the others as well.    In case you haven't noticed there are no pictures of our ride, Mom kinda had her hands full!!!
    Soooo, as we leave the populated area still alive, Other Susan mentions that we're coming to a hill that will be sure to make a horse brains reconnect again.
More on that, later...


    I am so "into" your ride with you!! I'm torn between going on to the hill or running after the STUPID runners and telling them off after I smack 'em.

  2. I am soo with you, Deanna!! I cannot believe how rude the joggers were, but OH get a little horsey poo on the sneakers and *&^%$!! Can't wait for tomorrow's post.