Monday, August 8, 2011

grazing vs skeeters...

Camryn here:
What's with the skeeters this year?  Mom offered me some grazing time, I didn't want to!!!!  Her put a lead rope on me and led me out.  Her unlatched the lead and I headed back to the barn!!!  Mom said "no barn, you get grass time",  I waited till her back was turned hastened my way back inside hee hee!!!  Mom was stupified, shoot I was too.  Can you imagine, I Camryn the Queen of grass snatching turning down an acre of green nummies.  That should give you a good idea of how bad the skeeters are this year.  The scare me I tell ya.
You may recall my potties in the barn and how Dad hung a nylon strap across to keep me out?  Well, it took me two whole days, but I figured it out as any Haflinger would of course.  First I noticed a knot in the middle, no big deal for me.  I pushed a bit and the knot gave way, so I got to take a hefty dump hee hee.  Mom of course fixed it better than Dad had.  No problem, I just put my Haflinger thinking cap on.  Turned out if I lowered my head just so, edge forward till the strap was at top of my head, lift and walk right under.  HA on you Mom!!!  Problem was my timing though, Mom came down to the barn just as I was on my way back thru.  Her'd have been befuddled big time if I hadn't been caught in the act.
About the saddle dilemma, a friend is coming to check out my to small saddle for her TWH on Wed.  Otherwise it'll be on Ebay soon.  Mom checking out some none pricey saddles figuring we'll upgrade mabye next year.  Her has champagne taste n all.  Her did a template of my withers, according to it, I should fit a Bighorn Haflinger saddle, BUT (notice it's a big but, no not butt)  with my shoulder atrophy once it fills in that saddle may be to small!!!  Her wrote the saddle selling place explaining this and wondering if maybe the Abetta round skirt draft would be better.  Course the skirt length comes into play as well, so her asked how long skirt was too.  Her don't like synthetics much but, figures once we eventually get our good saddle, the synthetic will be our ride in any weather saddle.  Her checked out the site Pippin and Doc mentioned so most likely that's the place we'll go for a good one later.
Hafy hugs to all...


  1. Life`s never dull is it?.......Our Section A Welsh is an escape artist! Among other things.

  2. Hi, I own a mutton withered QH and now two Halflingers. After suffering a heart attack I decided to enjoy my riding life and searched for a saddle that would really fit and be comfortable for both of us. i've tried many saddles over the years and I knew I wanted a dressage saddle for the deep seat for trail riding. I searched and found the Schleese site where I learned a lot about saddle fitting from the videos. I had the fitter come and I purchased a second hand dressage Schleese saddle. I also tried a Duett saddle which I would have purchased if the tree had been adjustable like the Schleese. The fit was good but not as good as the Schleese, but there is a price difference as well. Check out the Duett site because many Halflinger owners seen to be happy with it. My husband rides one of our Halflingers and he has a Shenanoah Western Trail Endurance saddle with full quarter horse bars. That seems to work for now. I did a lot of research last year for saddles that would fit broad backed horses. The best information on fitting came from the Schleese site. Good luck.

  3. I think Haffies truly live up to the old adage: "Where there's a will.... there's a way"! Camryn's efforts to get into the barn are funny... at least from my side of the blog.
    Good luck with the saddle... I don't envy you!