Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camping adventures/misadventures...

Camryn here:
Hi all, guess what Mom & I are back from camping boy are we tired!!!
Mom was soooo right, I made some new friends.  First off when we arrived at our site on Fri., our friends were all set up but nowhere to be seen.  Mom figured Bob was out picking things up for Sat. pig roast. Since Farrah wasn't there either Mom figured her friend Susan (yeah same name as Mom) was off riding somewhere.  Mom was tying me to my line when her heard a voice thru the undergrowth shouting for a lead rope!  Mom says to the voice "is someone down there" (it's a dry creekbed)?  The voice (a man) says "yes, I've got the horse and need a lead rope".  Mom is "horse???", voice says "I got the loose horse".  Mom of course just having arrived knows nothing about this loose horse but, shouts  I gots another rope in the trailer be right there".  Mom runs pretty fast when she has too.
 By then lady camped nearest comes running, it appears that Farrah wasn't out being ridden at all.  In true Haflinger tradition she'd pulled a Houdini, escaped her line and for some odd reason was down in the creek bed.  Mom finds where teh man is and tosses down the rope.  The lady is all atwitter, she apparently was supposed to be watching Farrah but, had gone in her trailer to make a sandwich.  So, now the man is trying to find a way to get him and Farrah up and out of the creek bed which has pretty steep sides.  He finds what he thinks is least steep bank, Mom and the lady who we now know as Barb trample down wild roses to clear a path.  The guy says "it's still pretty steep, not sure we can do it".  Mom says "she's a mountain horse, she can do it".  The guy motions Farrah up with Mom clicking to here.  Farrah hops right up, Mom takes her to the lead which is of course totally intact.  The man and Barb are trying to figure out how she got loose, Mom told them "she's a Haflinger and that's what we do.  Escape without leaving evidence of how we did this"!!! Oh, and Barb's dog ate the sandwich she'd made during this event. So anyhow this is how I got to meet Farrah Lou.  We hit it off right away.
Actually we pretty much ignored each other and I went about my business making sure my area was clean and tidy!!!  My goal "nothing green"!!!
Mom got me all set with room service right away.  Room service here was superb!!  Farrah was non the worse for her little misadventure.  Mom told Susan what happened but, left it up to her to decide on informing Bob.  Me thinks Bob is still left unaware!

Our Mom's made sure we had our jammies on to keep the skeeter from eating us.  Actually everyone was pleasantly surprised at the lack of bugs in the camp area.  Ecspecially considering all the hi-lines were along the edges of the woods.  Just beyond the overgrowth in our area was a creek bed.  Just beyond that was a very handsome Haflinger gelding named Sammy.  I watched him lots.  Mmmmm, maybe that's where Farrah was headed when she went down into the creekbed???
I'll tell you more tomorrow, I promise.

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