Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hay, hay, hay...

Camryn here:
Back to issues of much more importance to myself.  And postitive proof of how awesome my Dad is.  While away at camp he kept himself busy.  I'm not certain if he was pleased with this particular busyness or cursing me under his breath.  Either way, "Dad you done good"!

I get to nom, nom, nom my way thru winter!!!  I so enjoy coming home from a hard days work to find the barn  nearly brimming with my favorite meal.  I stand and stare, patting myself on the back.  Yes, one benefit to being an only horse, is this is "MINE, ALL MINE!!!
Mom figures we'll be needing one more load before winter hits.  I'm a half bail a day kinda girl ya know.  My bounty is kept stored in the loft above me, and in Onyx bedroom (biggify to see him guarding my bounty)  Onyx is a dream roomie as he doesn't eat hay!!  He does however like my treats and will scarf my feed if I can't keep it all in my mouth.
Side note: since the last deluge of rain, I'm now back on pasture and up to nearly 2 hours!!!  Please, let it continue.  I do so love the salad bar here.


  1. Ponies love their hay!! What kind of hay do you eat?

  2. Thanks for reminding our Mrs. Owner to get on the ball and get some hay. It's getting hard to find around here. She has a connection, but keeps forgetting to make that phone call! could she forget? - Pippin

  3. Camryn here:
    I get 1st cut grass hay, Mom says 2nd cut wouldn't be good for my figure!
    Glad to put a bee in your Mom's bonnet to get your hay in. We're pretty lucky our hay guy makes sure he always has hay for hims regulars.

  4. Lol! Glad mom is watching out for your figure! Shy gets grass hay with less than 20% alfalfa mix.

  5. Mitch Checkin' in:

    What kind of hay do you get Ms. Camryn?

  6. Camryn here:
    Hey'ya Mitch, I just get plain old 1st cutting grass hay. I did get two whole hours of pasture yesterday though
    In winter though I'll get some Alfalfa pellets to help keep me warm.

  7. Thats a good idea about the alfalfa pellets. . .it will be my first winter with Shyloh, so I am new to all this!

  8. Mitch checks in:

    What kinda grass hay? Cause there's bermuda, orchard, teff, timothy ...

    I get bermuda hay. I usually get a little oat hay too, I have to watch my figure after all. The human is a little obsessed about me having the correct weight.

  9. Camryn here:
    It's a mix of Orchard and Timothy. Lovely bits of clover mixed in too of course. What is it with our people obsessing about our weight anyhow?