Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keeping watch...

Camryn here:
No need for a neighborhood watch here.  I keeps my eyes peeled for trouble, watching out for my family, friends and neighbors.  Onyx helps of course, but he's getting old and needs his rest so I try to take up some slack for him...
When keeping watch my fly mask actually becomes a "super hero" mask.  My fly sheet can double as my cape.  I am "SUPER HAFY!!!
Mom n Dad getting ready for a family cookout.  I imagine I'll provide some form of entertainment along with the keeping watch part. Expect pictures coming up of me entertaining, guess being they're family I can suffer thru.  As long as there is plenty of hay as payment that is.  Mom is making a corn bread casserole, maybe I'll get to try some???  One can only hope...


  1. I think someone has been at the "loopy juice!!"Lol. Shall we rename you Pegasus?

  2. I hope one day SUPER HAFY Camryn and SUPER FJORDY Lew can meet! It would be so fun to go for a ride together. Although I love my Super Fjordy, she is not as good a writer as you Super Hafy Camryn!!

  3. Camryn here:
    Does Super Fjordy live in Ohio???? We have a Fjord down the road we've never met. I think Super Hafy & Super Fjordy would make a great team.
    And yeah, maybe I did sup on some loopy juice, shhhh don't tell Mom