Thursday, August 18, 2011

Going camping...

Camryn here:
Will be without the computer for a few days.  Mom's taking me camping, sure hope weather cooperates as I hate to hear Mom whine.
We're taking the borrowed barrel saddle for me to wear.  Mom's making sure I gots plenty of hay, apples, treats, water, ect...
I'll be hanging out on a Hi-line with a new friend, another Haflinger mare named Farrah.  That'll be cool.  There's gonna be lotsa peoples and their horses.  Dad's technicaly staying home as he has school stuff to do, he'll be coming in the evenings though.  Ecspecially Sat. he won't miss cause that's the Pig Roast, not sure why the peoples don't just eat hay like us though.
I'll make sure Mom takes her camera for lots of pics.  I had to get a bath today SIGH but, my tail is looking totallly awesome.  Mom used shampoo from when her showed the dogs, it's to make whites whiter.


  1. Have fun! I'm jealous. My Mrs. Owner has never taken me camping. She has used special shampoo on my mane and tail, though. It turns it purple! - Pippin

  2. What fun! So glad the saddle situation worked out! Will be waiting for your camping/riding stories when you get back.