Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventures/Misadventures part 3 (long w/pix)

Camryn here:
    I'm happy to say that the rest of our voyage wasn't nearly as hairy, still we had our trials and tribulations.
We came to that hill I mentioned, and boy did it grow our brains back!!!  I hadn't worked a hill like that in many moons.  Had to concentrate on where I put my feets, keep my butt pushing onward and upward.  Credit to Mom is her stayed outa my mouth realy good, sat just right so I could work it.  Got to the top and by then we'd all forgotten bout the crazy as loons people, goats, and cannons.  We meandered thru the woods for quite awhile, then of course when you goes up a big hill, you gotsta come down sometime right?  Yeah, well going down was even tougher than going up.  I remember Mom"thinking  "Oh S*#%", so course I thought her didn't wanna go down no more.  I stepped offa the trail to turn and head back up, good girl that I am and all.  Mom turned me back into the trail and heading down.  Darn thought I had that part thwarted.
     We comed outta the woods into a clearing that leads towards a gravel flat area full of cars and peoples milling about.  Pass a stink place again (potty) then start towards this big red building.  As I get closer I realize this building isn't sitting safely on the ground but, kinda perched on both ends with it's middle over a river!!!  Our peoples called it a covered bridge.  I was first, but when I realized this I decided I prefered to follow.  Stalwart Lady with Sheila decided to go first, well Lady was having none of this hanging in air building any more than I was.  Then suddenly Farrah decides "come on girls, lets get it over with" and heads on in.  Lady and I follow our foot falls echoing as we go.  Farrah though her did grow enough stones to enter is all high headed actually going thru.  Lady and I are tilting our heads looking down thru the floor cracks at the river below.  Actually it was kind of pretty!!!
    We comes outa the bridge, little ways down a road, then traverse about in the woods again, me n Farrah play around with our humans walking over logs and such.  Other Susan has been having stirrup problems so dismounts to fix that issue.  Mom lets me graze a bit since I haven't been drinking at the water crossings much.  Silly Mom still forgets she's got a camera hooked to her bottom SIGH.  We apparently loop around a while cause we end up back at the covered bridge going in the way we comed out the first time.  As we start in we see these peoples getting ready to come in the far side and they have a dog.  These humans "appear" to have brains and hang back for us.  Then their brains dissapear cause as we're midway thru they come on bridge with the dog.  Let me inform you a Pomeranian barking under a covered bridge sounds lots like a Great Dane!!!  The peoples brains reattach and they pick the yapper up. I like dogs so, I did attempt a sniff as we passed them heading back out.  As we comes out there are groups of people with black boxes stuck to their faces.  We felt like movie stars with all the papparazzi, course we did have Farrah with us so kind of makes sense they wanted piktures?
     So now we're headed back the way we came SIGH.  Gotta go down the big up hill, then back past the rude idiot people place.  This time the peoples all seemed to understand the rules, though they did have black boxes on their faces like at the bridge.  We're on the bridge again, all the peoples are standing waiting to for us to get across.  Then of course an IDIOT appears out of nowhere, comes careening onto the bridge on his bicycle.  He wears a helmet to he's not totally stupid I guess.  Anyhow, he's heading right at Farrah!!!  Farrah who has bonded with me sidepasses right up to me, then immediately calms down.  Glad for that otherwise, I'd have stepped into Lady, who'd have stepped into the bridge rail and who knows what woulda happened next!!!
     We cross the huge road bridge, then down along the cornfield again.  Suddenly we're back to artilery fire all round us.  Mom realizes her's got her clicker finally (DUH Mom)  and when it goes BOOM, I hear a click and get a treat, then I hear a BAM and again click/treat.  We do this the next several times, and before you know it, I'm merely flinching at the sound!!!  Good one Mom!  As we continue on I experiment running down a few corn stalks that stick up helter skelter.  Kind of fun, and they scritch the itchy spots on my belly.  Then we see these two huge machines in the field with peoples around them.  The peoples are then getting in the machines.  Other Susan says, "uh oh, their gonna start em up".  They did, which was no big deal.  Not a big deal that is until one is heading right towards me.  I'm serious, it's gonna eat me!!!  I stop, should I catch up with Lady and Farrah who are safely across the path of the beast?  Should I turn and get me and Mom the H out of Dodge?  The lady in the beast motions to Mom that I can cross in front.  Mom motions that it's not gonna happen!!!  The lady smiles, reaches down and shuts the beast off, "WHEW".  Thank heavens that some humans unnderstand!!!  I mean bombs and a horse eating huge beast all at the same time, Mom understood my near meltdown there.  Lady and Farrah are all, "what was wrong",  I'm "DUH we just about got bombed and eaten".
    I should mention bomber flies, there are tons of them and they are doing what they do and bombing us from all over.  Mom keeps watch for them on Lady and Farrah's butts, and tries to keep watch on mine as well.  Farrah and Lady would kick up a bit when bitten.  I would turn on my giant vibrator skills and shake em off.  Mom got a kick out of that and laughed hard each time.  Other Susan and Sheila couldn't figure out what was causing the vibrator noise from behind and Mom laughing till they both witnessed it, they laughed too.
    We come out of Corn Cannon area, I think WHEW we be free and clear when suddenly I see them.  GOATS N CHICKENS, and their heading our way!!!  Side note: (Mom has been working on my side pass without progress.)  I continue walking on coming from the rear, the goats n chickens are getting way to close, I don't of course realize there is a fence, though I guess to chickens that don't matter right?  Then suddenly out of nowhere my lessons come into play and I sidepass beeeutifuly.  Mom is all excited and yells ahead, "hey guys Camryn can sidepass" then starts laughing.  Jeez, Mom we're gonna be eaten and your laughing.  Humans I tell ya.
    Soon we're back at camp, I thought it would never happen.  Mom was quite pleased that none of us rushed in as her other friends do when out riding and they spot camp.   Course we were a tad exhausted so her did take that into consideration.  People are yelling "the Haflingers are back".  That was nice.
   Once back at our home away from home, Mom hung fresh  hay net, and made sure I had plenty of water.  We did do several water crossings but, I just drank little bits at those and played around mostly.   I drank from my bucket, ate like I normally do (never get enough).

Then I...

I'm thinking "and now she remembers her camera"  Mo-om put it away!!!

More tomorrow I promise, I'm tired just talking bout it all now.


  1. Wow. I'm starting up a fan club for you Camryn!! Love your reports on how you care for your Mom. You take such good care of her. Even when stupid people and GOATS N CHICKENS are around!!

  2. Wow, what an adventure! Good for you to survive it all. You both deserve a quiet equine camp next time. We camped this weekend too at an equine only camp and our Haflingers were hyped because of the weather and the newness of it all. We thought we had a rough ride! It was nothing compared to yours. My QH was up and down too, but we would never have survived your camp ride. You had every spook in the equine nightmare book. Well done!