Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hardest thing about riding is...

Camryn here:
Yup, Mom found out that saying is very accurate!!!  Had a bit of a mishap at the obstacle ride yesterday.  Obstacle #7 was over the top (guess that's how they gave the ride the name "Over the Top?)
You know how most obstacle rides involve draggins something?  Well #7 was dragging cans tied on a rope.  You'd think six maybe 7 cans would suffice right?  There was enough cans tied that you'd have thought they got them from a Fraternity party.  At least 50!  Mom was to lift the cans up off the barrel they was on, drop them to the ground, ride dragging the cans to another barrel, then back to the first one, pick up the cans and put them back on the barrel.  Mom was actually planning to simply pass on this obstacle but, as she was talking to the judges I began playing with the cans.  So her was thinking, Oh she'll be fine so we "tried" it.  Mom lifted the cans, I was fine, then she dropped them.  I wasn't so fine, I went BAM.  Simply spooking wasn't an option, I had to kill those cans, so I did my best.  I did a very atheltic twisty buck & kick off to the right.  Mom knows this cause her could see my butt an feet out of the corner of her eye.  Mom flew really, really good, she didn't land so good though.  Her landed on her right shoulder, & knocked the wind out of her right lung real good.  One of the judges at the obstacle happened to be the ride paramedic.  Hmmmm think they knew it was a tough one???  Took Mom forever to be able to breath good.  I'd trotted off around the bend a bit, but was on my way back to check on Mom when someone came to catch me.  They looked Mom over real good, she rested a while then got back on and rode the rest of the way out which was couple hard miles.  Mom's a trooper that's for sure.  And her didn't blame me one bit, she understood that obstacle was stupid an her should've gone with her gut.  Her found out after that her'd been the second rider to come off at the cans.
The paramedic lady checked Mom several times after the ride.  Den da paramedic lady decided to ride her horse a bit.  Mom's wreck was pretty bad, da paramedic wreck was HORRIBLE.  If her'd not been wearing helmet (Mom did too) her'd have been dead!!!  Her helmet cracked from front to back, it made Mom's stomach turn just seeing the helmet.  Her horse had a tizzy fit bout leaving her friend, da paramedic lady did a summer sault landing right on her head. Dey called 911, covered her with a blanket and kept her still.  She began arguing and wanted to get up, Mom bent down and said "you made me listen to you, now you have to listen to them", she laughed and stayed still.  Her could talk, laugh, wiggle her fingers n toes.  Lotsa vehicles with lights n sirens came and took her.  We hope you guys can all say prayers for her.
Back to Mom, her hurting really bad this morning, so she went to trauma care.  Xrays showed no breaks, but her's supposed to go to her Dr. and maybe do MRI to make sure. Dad be out picking up her meds right now. Even better news is Mom still loves me!
I'll write more tomorrow bout the other "Over The Top" obstacles.


  1. Oh my! I hope mom is ok!! What a trooper for getting back on, that takes a lot of guts! Those cans sure are scary!
    I'm glad mom understands how scary those can were for you and still loves you.

  2. Wow. I totally relate. My latest blog post is about a fall too. And I still love my horses too!! But my family is getting tired of this. :-(
    Camryn - you & your Mom are awesome!!

  3. Glad Mom is OK - that sounds very scary for you both!

  4. Oh Gosh, Camyrn, I am glad Mom is ok!! I can related to her fall as I dove off the top of our manure spreader ramp this week. I flung the wheel barrow over and in and I went over and out. Please tell Mom that Terri, Louie, Lexie, and Skeeter send healing prayers and hugs!

  5. I hope your mom is feeling better today. Lots of prayers from this end!

  6. Oh my! I saw your comment over on Dreaming's blog post and trotted over here just to send you get well wishes.