Friday, September 9, 2011

playin with my friends...

Mom n Me have just been playing around in the pasture the past few weeks.  We're working on my turning off of her leg, which is going super good.  I've even been trotting trees like their barrels!!!  Mom's been working on sitting my trot.  Don't tell her but, that's not going so good if ya know what I mean!!!  Getting better but, she still needs work.
Since the dirt got put in my paddock it's been raining daily, turning my paddock into a slop pit!!!  Such a pain to walk thru.
Mom had made plans to trailer to a trailhead and meet up with a new Hafy friend.  That got sidelined, so her n Danette was going to take Dakota n me someplace nearby.  The weather peoples put a veto on that plan.  Sooooo, instead we decided to go play out back in the woods.  Eclipse person Lori came too, so we had a kinda play date party.
Mom rode me back thru the woods over to where Dakota n Eclipse live.  This is the first time this year we traveled the woods just the two of us all the way to Dakota/Eclipse barn.  Coming outa our woods, I got kinda skeered cause there was a green and a white chair sitting there watching with their scary chair eyes.  Mom circled me around a few times, the chairs didn't do nothing so I went ahead.  We road off towards the boarding barn a bit, then turned to head for Dakota/Eclipse barn.  Had to pass the scare chairs again, but that was OK cause I had the bridge crossing to be concerned about instead.  Did that, thru the woods some more, another bridge then we're at the barn where Dakota/Eclipse are still getting dressed.  So Mom n me hung out and she "tried" to stop me from grass snatching.  For some reason Danette's grass just tastes sooo good I can't help but, "try" to steal some.
Finally their ready and off we go thru the woods over to the arena.  Once in the arena I just wasn't feeling it and didn't wanna do what I was asked very much.  So Mom resorts to "telling" me what to do SIGH.  I just wasn't in the mood to trot for some reason the arena makes me not want to do that?  Mom asked if it was cause I was embarrased at how horribly her rides my trot.  I didn't wanna admit it and hurt her feelings so I trotted out a bunch.
Dakota had to leave early, so just me n Eclipse were left to play.  He doesn't like his Dakota girl out of his sight.  Lori was figuring he'd throw a hissy over her leaving.  But, he done realy good.  We rode a while longer than headed back threw the woods.  Eclipse can be pretty rushy doing that but, I thought he did real good. 
Normally once we're back at Danette's home barn, Mom dismounts and leads me  home.  Today her decided to ride home.  Her was sooooo proud of me cause I did it no prob at all.  Usually, I don't want to leave to go home and keep turning back to Dakota/Eclipse.  Today, I just rode up thru the yard, stopping just a moment to relieve my bladder (thought the yard looked dry).  Up to the human house, past the trailer, atv and lawn chair with Leppy (cat) taking hims bath.  Then up the drive to the road, we waited for a car to pass then out onto the road and home.  Mom was just all about how good I am, that I rode the road like we do it daily.  I was like "No biggy Mom".  Course I got extra hay to munch once I was unsaddled.  That made it sooo worthwhile for sure.
Oh, Mom rememered to take her camera BUT forgotted to use it.  Jeez, her's got "sometimers" I think.  Cause "some times her remembers, some times her forgets".  Gotta love her though, and she's mine so that counts for something.

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  1. Sounds like a great ride!! Good job Camryn, you are fantastic! Susan, you are so lucky to have such a good Haflinger :)