Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Promise n the Dr...

Camryn here:
Promise is back from the Dr.  While her tear count did go up to 8 from 0 in the bad eye, her's got an ulcer on it now.  Soooo, new meds.  Today Mom's gotta give to differant drops every two hours.  One has an antibiotic, the other is actually made from Promise own blood serum.  Isn't that neat that they can do that.  Her eye is far from being out of the woods though.  Dry eye is bad but, normally treatable, corneal ulcer is bad but treatable.  Together well, it be questionable.  Mainly cause one of the dry eye ointments contains steroid which keeps the inflamation down.  But, the ulcers like hers don't heal good with steriod.  And her particular type of ulcer is one that grows, destroying the cornea. Sooo, being off the ointment will help the ulcer, but...Well, you get the picture.
Promise goes back to Dr. next Wed., the ulcer means they gotta watch closer too.  They suggested a cone of shame to keep her from rubbing it.  Mom just laughed explaining that the being a corgi the size for her neck would make walking with her short stubby legs impossible.  So, Mom went and got her a comfort cone which is basicaly an innertube round her neck.
The Dr. started to explain differant paths to take if treatment wasn't working.  Him was way relieved when it was Mom and not him bringing up taking the bad eye out.  Much as Mom hates the thought of Promise being one-eyed having grown up with a blind dog, and riding with a one-eyed horse friend her understands.  Better alive and pain free.

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  1. I hope this medication regime works in bringing healing to both ailments!