Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slowly, very slowly...

Camryn  here:
That's how Mom is doing things VERY SLOWLY.  Imagine a movie played in slo-mo and that be her.  Plus her is right handed an all the injury is on her right side to boot.  So when her does my bedroom, her lifts the poo from her right side, and fills the wheelbarrow only 1/4 up so her can manage to move and dump it.  Takes her an hour now just to clean my room, her is happy it's not winter so her can use the hose for filling my water instead of buckets from the water thingie. Her has to brush me left handed too.  Know way can her fill my hay bags so now I get to vaccume it all up the way I prefer. Dad is going to have to bring the bedding bags down from the pile cause those are just to way heavy.
Mom is a bath person but, is now using the shower cause if her did manage to get in the tub, there is no way her'd be able to get out.  Her is now sleeping on the couch partly because her can prop up easier, partly because it takes 20 minutes for her to get out of bed.  If her had to get up to pee it wouldn't be good, her'd never make it.  Her has figured out that prior to getting up, sitting down or lifting (light stuff) her has to take a big breath and hold it.  Otherwise it's like being knifed bad, this way the knife pain isn't quite so bad.  Her managed to do two loads of laundry today.  Her pushes the basket around rather than lifting it.  Usually her only does something that could cause big pain like my bedroom after her takes her pain meds.  Then after her has to lay down and rest a while.  Her is glad her has RFD-TV so her can watch horse stuff :)
I wish I wasn't stuck in the barn, I'd like to be in the house.  That way I could help her some.

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  1. Camryn - give your Mom a hug from me cuz I know exactly what she's going through!! I'm so glad that you're taking good care of her - as least, as much as you can outside of the house.