Saturday, September 17, 2011

More new friends...

Mom n me went for a trail ride this morning.  Cathy and Jillian (differant Jillian than ours) used to be neighbors long time ago.  Everybody thought it was funny when Mom moved there cause both Mom and Cathy's daughters are Jillians.  Not a common name at that time even.
Anyway, they've been talking bout getting together and finally did.  We all met at a  nearby trailhead called SilverCreek.  Cathy's horse is an off the track Standardbred gelding named Duece.  Jillian rides a cute little paint mare named Katori.  Duece being off the track still thinks if a horse is behind he has to race it.  So Cathy n Duece brought up the rear.  Duece is also not happy with other horses being near, can you believe he gave me, "I'm gonna get you" ears???  Takori, is 5 and still a little green, if she's in the lead she wants to gooooooo!!!  Takori is very freindly and sweet, her kept reaching out whenever I was near just wanting to do a "Hi, your nice, I like you" touch.  I liked her.
Soooo, I was lead most of the time.  Mom says it's a good thing that I don't care where I am.  It was a nice laid back, peaceful ride with the riders catching up on things.  Talking bout us horses n stuff.  Cathy had some major tail envy, she just couldn't get over my luxury tail.  Jillian said it looked like one bought at QH Congress (whatever that is).  Some of the trails was pretty sloppy with mud, lots of mud.  I normally don't mind but, this was ridiclous mud.  At one point Katori was lead, she walked into a puddle and dissapeared up to her armpits!!!  Her's a brave girl and didn't care though.  I was next in, my front dissapeared too, I noticed a leafy branch within grabbing distance so had a little snack with my bath!!!  Duece managed to avoid his front dissapearing somehow.  We did lotsa trotting, specially up hill, Mom still getting used to this saddle so her liked this as it helped her lots.
When we gotted back to the trailhead, I spotted another Haflinger getting saddled up.  Found out her name is Penney, her be shorter and rounder than I.  Her owner was shorter too, so they made a good pair.  Our peoples chilled on a picnic table before loading us in our trailers, they were talking bout something for next weekend we might go do.  I'm feeling pretty popular with all the new friends I'm meeting.  Excluding Duece cause he didn't really want to be friends.  Oh well, his loss I say.
Tomorrow I'm going out again, differant trailhead, differant group of friends.  I'll be hitching a ride with Dakota since Eclipse isn't going.  Cameron and Snip who live up thru the woods be going too.  Wish me luck keeping up with a TWH, SSH, and Thoroughbred everybody!!!


  1. Camryn, sounds like a great time!! You are such a great horse! One day, I'll be ready to take Shyloh on trails.

  2. Camryn,
    My mom used to take care of a standardbred at Northfield named Raques Deuce Coup. She was wondering if he could be the same Deuce as your new friend.
    Norm in wooster (also a haffie )
    Ps I like your tips on how to train your owner they work Luke a charm on my mom too.

  3. Hey, Norm you handsome devil ;)
    I remember Deuce Mom saying Deuce Coup so he might be the same horse. Can't remember the rest of his name but the first part was differant like what you wrote. That's so awesome your Mom knows him too. Cathy got him from a rescue in Ravenna, called Happy Trails. Maybe you can tell us some stuff bout him before the rescue for us to pass on to Cathy? Bet she'd like that.
    Glad my tips help hee hee