Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nearly forgot...

Camryn here:
Almost forgot to mention yesterday.  Mom an me might do another camp out this month.  It's an obstacle ride thing I guess.  Mom don't care bout the obstacle stuff much, but says we'll give em a shot if we go.
So yesterday her was wearing a jacket to keep the skeeters at bay in the woods.  Once in the arena her took it off while on me.  Then we rode over to put it on the bedding bag stack.  After we was almost done playing we rode over and her got it.  First her put it in her lap.  But, then accidently dropped it.  So I picked it up and handed it to her.  While grabbing it she dropped her/mine spanker,  I picked that up and gave it to her too (don't know why since it's sometimes used on my bootie). Then her put her jacket back on.  So, Mom says if dropping jackets then picking them up is an obstacle, I'll win that one for sure!!!
Mom found out that her girl Jillian been reading my blog.  So here be a shout out for you Jillian (MOM LOVES YOU)

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  1. Camryn, You are so helpful to pick up the stuff your mom drops! How cute! I can't wait to hear about the camp out, it sounds fun!