Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Promise ouchy eye...

Camryn here:
One of my dogs "Promise" has an ouchy eye.  Three weeks ago "after" two visits to her regular dog Dr. her went to an eye Dr.  Her was diagonosed with dry eye, basically her eye isn't making any tears.  You might think, Oh no big deal right?  It is, big time though...
See her beautiful blue eye, it's not so pretty right now and it hurts her real bad.  Mom puts three kinds of medicines in it.  All three twice a day, one of them couple more times.  The first Vet had her doing one thing and it helped for a week.  Da eye Dr. prescribed what Mom be using now, those worked for a week too.  Mom called telling eye Dr. it was getting worse again and that one med in particular was ouchy to Promise.  Dr. had her change out that med from a drop to a gel.  That worked super "for about a week".  Now her eye is all bad again. Ivy been licking at it, so Promise is being kept away from her which is hard on the girl dogs cause they be bestest friends and all.   It's crusting up, so Mom making warm compress of saline solution to clean it.  Mom be doing these things religiously. Poor Promise even though her hates it, comes when Mom asks despite knowing Moms gonna be sticking all this gooey stuff in her eye.  Promise is so owey her tries to stay by herself, and her walks all head down.  Tomorrow morning her goes back to the eye Dr.  So please eberbody send good eye vibes to our Promise girl.  Mom's eyes be kinda leaky too right now cause of Promise being so sad and ouchy.


  1. Ooooooh poor Promise! What a sweet girl and so beautiful. I'm saying a prayer for her and "Mom!" Thank you for the update Camryn!

  2. poor promise! i know exactly what you are going through! my dog, cooper, has the same thing! he doesn't make tears and he gets ulcers! i hope promise feels better soon!